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The Netherlands will be welcoming 58 world leaders and 5,000 delegates to the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in The Hague on 24th & 25th March. The security and traffic measures it will take to ensure the global summit runs smoothly will reduce accessibility in the area between Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.


Road users between Amsterdam, The Hague and Rortterdam should expect serious disruption. Long tailbacks on the motorways and road network are possible due to road closures entailed bt the attendance of World leaders at the summit.


Substantial consequences

The consequences will be extensive and substantial. Many roads will be closed and diversions will be put in place.

At peak times, drivers on motorways should expect congestion to double.


Advice and Alternatives

~          You are advised not to travel to this part of the Netherlands on 24th & 25th March unless absolutely necessary.


~          If you must travel to The Hague or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, travel outside the rush hour.


~          If you must travel to The Hague or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol during the rush hour, take the train.

            Dutch Railways (NS) will be operating longer trains between Amsterdam and Rotterdam during the rush hour.


If you have to drive, you should allo0w for serious disruption and longer journey times.

Good preparation is important. Consult this website before you leave to see where road closures and diversions will be ikn place, listen to the latest traffic reports from the ANWB motorists' organisation ( ) and the Traffic information Service ( and follow the diversions as indicated on the signs above and alongside the roads.



Road closures in gthe West of the Netherlands

Road users should expect closures on the main road network between 23rd & 26th March.


From 16.00 on on Sunday afternoon until 16.00 on Monday afternoon and from 13.00 on Tuesday afternoon until 05.00 on Wednesday morning.

~          The A5 will be closed in both directions between the Raasdorp (A9) and De Hoek (A4) interchanges.






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