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"Walking Floor" technology is a transport mechanism used mostly for semitrailers.

This innovative technology is based on a "sliding floor" - longitudinally sliding planks, interlocking without any space in between.  Loading and unloading becomes a lot easier and so much faster.

The longitudinal parallel slats are divided into three units.  Each unit is moved by forward or backward motion of the individual floor elements.  When loading, the floor planks move towards the front end of the trailer, and towards discharge end when unloading.

The load does not move until each of the units has moved, ie. the first, second and final group of every third plank is pulled or pushed underneath the (unmoving) load.  In the 4th stage, all planks move forward or backward, together with the load.  This is repeated until loading or unloading is completed.

Due to the van-type design of the "Walking Floor", the trailers can be used for palleted goods as well as for bulk materials.  The system is particularly suitable for transporting bulk cargo.

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